Jaa. Jaisin...
JÄÄ, 2015
Public, site-specific installation with reflective tape mounted on aluminium, LED spot lights
The two words Jää and Jäisin both have a double meaning in the Finnish language: the word jää translates as ice and stay, whereas jäisin can have the meanings of the iciest and I would stay. The absurd dialogue dictated by the pre-programmed rhythm of the spot lights to anyone passing by is a light-hearted play with the site – the wall of the city of Helsinki’s Freezer House (Pakastamo) used by various catering companies and other small businesses.
The work was produced by the contemporary art organisation Checkpoint Helsinki as a second part to the artist program Art Cache, initiated by the team behind the web application Art Advisor.
The production of the work was supported by 3M Suomi.