Mod. Cons.

MOD. CONS. 2, 2016-17
HD video, stereo sound, English subtitles
Originally shown as video installation with 5.1 sound
Duration: 12’53”
The hyper modern interior in the video stays still but the scenery in the background is shifting slowly to the left, creating an illusion of a rotating apartment floor. The idea of a rotating building is taken from architect David Fisher’s plans for a rotating skyscraper called the Dynamic Tower, which was planned to be built in Dubai. The narrative of the video unfolds through the voice of a lonely man, a modern hermit who is too afraid to go outside and too obsessed with monitoring himself via various devices embedded in his surroundings.
Voice: Samuli Niittymäki
Sound Design, composing: Tuukka Haapakorpi
3D: Mika Rantala & Konstantin Lobkovski
Special thanks:
Jaakko Pietiläinen (hands)
Jonatan Sundström (additional filming)
Financial support:
Alfred Kordelin Foundation
Avek – The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture