Tracks   Tracks

Installation with projector, screen, looped 16mm film and photograph

The work is an attempt to re-stage an experience. Shot on 16mm reversal film and shown as a back projection, it is comprised of a single tracking shot of a moving train traveling at night. The train moves slightly slower than the recording camera, which makes it appear to hover back and forth unsteadily, until the same speed is achieved and the image is partly frozen. The work acts as a historical reminder of the industrial era’s inventions of both the railway and the cinema, as well as a material reminder: the train travel and panoramic viewing experience that preceded
cinema, the visual unity of the train windows and the film celluloid.

The work was produced in co-operation with the Department of Motion Picture, TV and Production Design of Aalto University, Helsinki.

Cinematographer: Jaakko Ruuska
Set: Kari Granlund.