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Elina Vainio’s practice as an artist is geared towards deflating perceptions, assumptions and imaginations of the modern tradition with its human centre. Her interest lies in pressing the boundaries of knowledge, premises of perception and conditions of living in order to hold in view how precarious life is, how abruptly things can come to a halt, how easily conveniences and comforts obscure the realities of primary production and logistics, and how nature is not out there but in us, sustaining the human realm.

Vainio’s works often take the form of pared-down installations or site-specific compositions, where she draws attention to how everything is constantly changing, how much we do not understand and what limits language has. Her conceptually driven practice leans on intuition and is much affected by an unwavering curiosity towards materials and their properties. Lately, she has also been paying attention to different social interactions, the power of free association and the unforeseen connections that arise in exchanges of acceptance and openness.

Vainio lives and works in Helsinki, Finland, where she graduated with an MFA from the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in 2013. She holds a BFA from Chelsea College of Art & Design, London, UK.