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Aeolian Processes

Borrowed natural sand, recycled sand objects, disused corrugated polycarbonate sheet, fabric, glue
9 x 2,5 m

Glorious Time, Purnu Art Center, Orivesi, Finland

The scientific term of the title describes the erosive powers of sand blown in the air by wind, slowly gnawing away everything in its way. Installed in an exhibition space built over a former sand pit in the 1950’s, the sparsely arranged site-specific work utilised cast sand objects from previous installations as well as loose sand and discarded building materials from the site. The processes of decay and deterioration, manifested in the elements of the installation, were echoed on the surfaces of the exhibition space itself, pushing into view the continuous transformation of matter as the core of the work. 

Curators: Miina Hujala & Arttu Merimaa