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Sand, pressed sand blocks, cloth, plastic film, clue
Variable dimensions

SEB Bank HQ, Helsinki, Finland
Commissioned by EMMA – Espoo Museum of Modern Art

The work was commissioned by EMMA Museum in line with their emphasis on acquiring new conceptual works that would not be maintained in their physical form but as documents and instructions to be followed through at a later date, scaled up or down in accordance to given spatial dimensions. The context for the work’s first materialisation was a co-operation between the museum and SEB – Scandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB, which influenced the concept itself. The installation consisted of pressed sand bricks, resembling a small stack of gold bars that stood with crumbled bits of the bars on a rectangular carpet of sand in the window of the bank’s headquarters. ‘Deposits’ emphasised the crookedness of the curve of value over time, the title referring to both the depleting deposits of raw materials as well as the accumulation of assets.

Curator: Ingrid Orman

Photos © Ella Tommila – EMMA