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Mod. Cons. 2

HD video, stereo sound, English subtitles
Originally shown as video installation with 5.1 sound

The hyper modern interior in the video stays still but the scenery in the background is shifting slowly to the left, creating an illusion of a rotating apartment floor. The idea of the rotating apartment was influenced by architect David Fischer’s designs for a wind-powered rotating skyscraper the Dynamic Tower, which has been planned to be built in Dubai since 2010. The protagonist is a man, captive of his own imagination, hallucinations and the past, fearing for cataclysmic events and the outdoors in general, spending time talking to himself and playing back recorded sounds from the outside.

Voice: Samuli Niittymäki
Sound Design, composing: Tuukka Haapakorpi
3D: Mika Rantala & Konstantin Lobkovski

Special thanks:
Jaakko Pietiläinen (hands)
Jonatan Sundström (additional filming)